Energy Charge Reduction Solution:

Save up to 72% on electricity usage charges by using new technologies

During APS winter peak Usage (kWh) charges:

Saver Choice (Classic): $0.231
Saver Choice MAX (Advanced): $0.064
Savings: 72.3%

SouthFace is an industry leader in the approach to saving customers on their electric bills.

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APS Residential Tariff Plans

Source: APS rate plan comparison

  • In the MAX plan lower usage (kWh) charges are offset by a peak demand(kW) charge.
  • The strategy is to minimize peak demand charges by implementing advanced technologies (solar batteries, smart thermostats, solar, etc).

Large Customers Save Big
with New Approach to Energy Savings

The more energy you use the more the Usage Charge Reduction (UCR) solution saves you money.

Average User:
As shown below for a customer using an average amount of electricity a solar plus battery solution would have a 6.5% return on investment (ROI). Greater than the expected return for stocks.

Large User:
However for a customer using twice the average the ROI is approaching 10% significantly better than the return on stocks.

solar and battery roi by kwh usage
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