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About Us

About SouthFace Solar Electric - Arizona Solar Provider

SouthFace Solar Electric

Arizona’s Premier Photovoltaic System Designer and Integrator

SouthFace Solar Electric is an Arizona born and based company headquartered in north Phoenix. We proudly serve the entire state of Arizona. We focus our services on the design and installation of high performance, desert durable, well-crafted solar electric systems for residential and commercial applications. SouthFace Solar Electric was founded by Corey Garrison with a goal of exceeding your expectations. When viewing our solar installations, attention to detail, pride of workmanship and years of experience can be seen at one glance.

We care. More Power to You means we put our customers first and deliver on-grid or off-grid custom solar solutions designed to change their lives and futures for the better. Flat roof, pitched roof or ground mount installations, we do it all. And we do it well. Helping customers make cash dividends for life from their solar investment while enjoying dependable guilt free solar electric usage is what we are all about. Oh, and protecting and nurturing our planet is right up there too.

Corey Garrison, Founder and CEO

Corey has always been drawn towards electronics. As a child, he would take apart everything from the family phone to dad’s alarm clock, just to see how they worked. This is quite common, but what isn’t, is the fact that he could put them all back together in working order. He began his electrical career in a 2-year electronic/electrical vocational school in 1995. After graduating he answered his country’s call by joining the United States Air Force. He spent the next few years increasing his electrical knowledge becoming first an Electrical and Environmental Journeyman, and then after 3 years of on-the-job training, he was awarded the rating of “Craftsman.” He spent the remainder of his US Air Force service troubleshooting problems and repairing them on multiple aircraft, primarily the F-16 fighting Falcon. Assessing problems and performing repairs to strict military standards played right into Corey’s penchant for perfection. As Corey puts it “when you have a pilot’s life in your hands, not to mention several million dollars of our nation’s military hardware, you grow up fast, there’s simply no room for error!” After serving the Air Force for 10 years, he decided it was time to serve in a different way. Fueled by his dedication to excellence and powered by years of acquiring electronics expertise, Corey changed careers in 2007. He founded Southface Solar Electric, bringing “aeronautical quality” to the southwest’s solar electric industry.

Ken Choate, Sales and Marketing

Sit down with Ken and you will gain knowledge and confidence about going solar that can only come from an Arizona Solar expert who wants what is best for you and your family. Biography to come.

Warren Harris, Sales and Marketing

Sit down with Warren and you will gain knowledge and confidence about going solar that can only come from an Arizona Solar expert who wants what is best for you and your family. Biography to come.

Bryan Zink, Operations Integrator

Whatever it is, Bryan will make it happen. He facilitates the SSE seamless process in a way that reduces customer stress and promotes fast, accurate, best-case results. Biography to come.

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