Home Generators

Power outages can be a minor inconvenience, but they can also be extremely dangerous, especially during a heat wave. An unexpected power outage can leave you suffering in the sweltering heat while all of the food and refrigerated medication in your refrigerator go bad. 

If you want to avoid a power outage at all costs, you need to have a whole-home generator. 

Solar panels and backup batteries can take you a long way, but what about when there are clouds for a week? 

Whole-home generators are a backup power option that generates electricity using fuel like natural gas or propane. They provide immediate backup power for your entire home and can keep your power on for days and even weeks at a time. 

SouthFace Solar & Electric is a whole-home generator installer in Arizona. We are a certified Generac generator installer and a certified Kohler home generator installer, and we will help you find the best generator for your home.

The Best Generators for Homes in Arizona

There are many types of backup generators for homes that you can choose from. Generac home generators and Kohler home generators are considered the best of the best. They offer superior performance and reliability for long-term, whole-home backup power.

Generac Standby Generators

Generac, the #1 selling brand of home backup generators, is perhaps the most recognizable name in whole-home standby generators. Generac whole-home generators are a great option for your Arizona whole-house generator installation.

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Kohler Standby Generators

Every single Kohler generator is meticulously tested to provide your home with high-quality power exactly when you need it. The engines are commercial grade, designed to withstand the heaviest of workloads, and can provide all the power you will need for major appliances in less than ten seconds after an outage is detected.

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What Size Generator Do You Need?

A Home Standby Generator installed at the backyard of a house

Generators are sold by their continuous power rating and/or peak power rating. Both are usually given in watts or kilowatts (kW). 

  • Continuous power is how much power your generator can produce continuously for hours or days (depending on the generator.)  This number tells you how much stuff you can power with the generator.
  • Peak power rating is the maximum power the generator can make for a few seconds to cover power surges. Motors like the one in your air conditioner or air compressor and other appliances draw a large surge to start up. The peak power rating tells you the biggest device your generator can start.

Portable Generators 

The smallest portable generators start at 1000 watts or 1 kW. They work well for a small campsite or just to run a fridge and some lights. Portable generators from 5-12kW usually come on carts with wheels and work well for RVs, job sites, or running a few appliances during a blackout.

Portable gasoline generator on stone patio

Whole-Home Generators 

For larger home backup power usage, you will want a whole-home generator. Whole-house backup generators are typically between 6-20 kW and are designed to be permanently installed to power your whole house. They run off propane or natural gas and can be programmed to start and stop automatically once a power outage is detected. These generators are great for emergency power and can also be integrated into off-grid solar energy systems for extra backup power.

Large-Scale Generators

Liquid-cooled generators starting at 30kW are designed for larger power requirements and continuous running.  These commercial generators are built all the way up to 150kW to power your large business or small town. Above 150kW, Cummings and other manufacturers make diesel engines to power just about everything.

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Solar Panels & Generators

Have you ever wondered if solar would keep the lights on during a power outage? Most residential solar PV systems are grid-tied and any time the grid goes down, your solar panels will go down with it. 

But that doesn’t mean you have to deal with a power outage. You can get backup power for your home with a solar battery storage system or a generator.

Combining Solar Panels With a Backup Generator

By combining a home standby generator with a grid-tied solar PV system, you can reap the benefits of your energy-saving solar PV system without having to suffer through another power outage. 

Generators for Off-Grid Living 

When you think off-grid, you think solar. Solar is indeed the cheapest and most reliable way to produce energy—as long as the sun shines, you’ll have power. But, what happens when the sun doesn’t shine much, like during mid-winter or a cloudy week? Lots of solar panels and a big battery will only go so far. To cover temporary shortfalls, a generator fits the bill.

Take Charge Of Your Power With Whole-Home Generator Installation

SouthFace Solar & Electric specializes in home backup power. We will help you determine the most reliable and affordable backup power option for your home, whether you’re interested in whole-house generator installation, solar panels with battery storage, or a combination of the two.

We are a locally owned and operated business that has been serving Arizona homeowners since 2008. Our ultimate goal is to bring more power to you with the best power solutions for your home.

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