Off-Grid Solar

Taking your home off the grid is the ultimate declaration of energy independence. With an off-grid solar system in Arizona, you’ll benefit from: 

  • cactus with solar panelZero electric bills 

  • No power outages 

  • No electricity price spikes or rate increases 

  • Fewer carbon emissions 

  • Access to power in remote locations 

  • Full energy independence 

SouthFace Solar & Electric is a leading off-grid solar company in Arizona with more than 35 years of combined experience. We can design the right off-grid solar system for your needs, whether you want to power a small vacation cabin in the woods or take your large, grid-tied house off the grid!

How Does Off-Grid Solar Work?

If you’re just starting to think about installing off-grid solar in the Phoenix area, you probably have some questions about how off-grid solar works

A fully off-grid solar system is designed to generate and store 100% of the electricity needed to power a home. These systems work just like grid-tied solar panel systems: by capturing solar energy and transforming it into electricity. The difference is that off-grid homes are not connected to the electric grid and therefore cannot purchase electricity from it.

Because off-grid systems don’t have the grid to fall back on at night or on a stormy day—when there is no sunlight to produce solar energy—they rely heavily on backup power sources, like solar batteries and backup generators. 

How many batteries you need for off-grid solar depends on multiple factors, including the size of your home, the types of appliances you run at night, and the amount of power you use. At SouthFace Solar & Electric, we typically recommend a combination of solar batteries and generators to ensure reliable energy security for Arizona off-grid solar homes. However, every home is different. Our team will create a custom battery design to ensure your off-grid system has sufficient energy storage capacity.

How Much Does an Off-Grid Solar System Cost?

Going off-grid with solar in Arizona is more expensive than installing a grid-tied residential solar system because of the increased complexity and size.

At SouthFace Solar & Electric, we carefully balance complexity with cost to ensure your system provides enough power to let you live your life comfortably while maintaining a reasonable budget. Off-grid batteries can qualify for the solar tax credit, helping make your installation more affordable. 

off grid solar panel with mountains

Go Off-Grid in Arizona With Confidence

It’s exciting to take your home off the grid, but being fully responsible for your own electricity production can be daunting.

SouthFace Solar & Electric is passionate about off-grid living and will design a solar system you can be confident in. We’ll address any concerns you may have and create a custom power source that maximizes your energy security.

We offer: 

  • 35+ years combined experience 

  • Monitoring for the lifespan of your system 

  • Industry-best warranties 

  • Clear, consistent communication

  • Streamlined installation process anywhere in AZ

Go off-grid with solar in Arizona! Call 480-636-1800 or contact us to get a free solar quote.

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