Off-Grid Solar

Living off the grid takes grit and determination, but for many it’s the most gratifying lifestyle imaginable. Imagine providing for yourself and your family without any reliance on outside sources. You’ll wake up feeling fulfilled by your self-sufficiency every morning, and you won’t have to worry about resource shortages or grid instability putting your comfort and safety at risk. 

There are a few key components that go into building an off-grid setup, but solar panels are integral. With an off-grid solar system, you’ll be able to generate all the electricity you need to power your home yourself—allowing you to cut ties with the electric grid for good.

Arizona’s Off-Grid Solar Expert

SouthFace Solar & Electric can make your dreams of going off-grid a reality. We are a highly experienced solar installation company in Arizona specializing in off-grid solar installations. 

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How Does Off-Grid Solar Work?

If you’re just starting to think about installing off-grid solar in Arizona, you probably have some questions about how off-grid solar works

A fully off-grid solar system is designed to generate and store 100% of the electricity needed to power a home. These systems work just like grid-tied solar panel systems: by capturing solar energy and transforming it into electricity. The difference is that off-grid homes are not connected to the electric grid.

Because off-grid systems don’t have the grid to fall back on at night or on a stormy day—when there is no sunlight to produce solar energy—they rely heavily on backup power sources, like solar batteries and generators.

What You Need to Go Off-Grid with Solar

Ground mounted solar panels in Cave Creek, AZ

Installing off-grid solar panels is easier than you might think! Here’s what you need: 

  • Solar panels, to capture sunlight and generate electricity. 
  • Solar inverters, to convert solar power into usable electricity. 
  • Solar batteries, to store solar power for later use.
  • Generators, for extra backup power. 

SouthFace Solar & Electric follows a unique process that ensures a streamlined installation and long-term success. We will design a custom off-grid solar array for your home that provides all the electricity you need. We can install off-grid solar panels for any home in almost any location, whether you want to bring power to a remote cabin or take your city home off the grid.

Benefits of Off-Grid Solar

Taking your home off the grid is the ultimate declaration of energy independence. The benefits of installing off-grid solar panels include:

Zero electric bills—never deal with a rate increase again!

No grid-related power outages

Full energy independence

No carbon emissions

Power access in remote locations

Go Off-Grid in Arizona With Confidence

Taking your home off the grid is exciting, but being fully responsible for your electricity production can be daunting. SouthFace Solar & Electric is passionate about off-grid living and will design a solar system you can be confident in. We’ll address your concerns and create a custom power source that maximizes your energy security.

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