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Why SouthFace Solar & Electric?

When it comes to choosing the solar company you are going to trust with the future of your home energy use, experience matters. A solar PV (photovoltaic) system should last you upwards of 25 years — and if you are going to get the most out of your solar PV system, you’ll need a solar installation company that can see you through the lifespan of your renewable energy system and beyond!

Founded on a combined 35 years of solar experience, SouthFace Solar & Electric are experts in custom designing and engineering solar solutions for homeowners and business owners, including solar batteries, generators, and energy monitoring

Our goal is to maximize each customer’s solar investment while providing all the solar power they require and help reduce energy demand. To us, great service means remaining on-call beyond the installation of your system. Our existing customers tell us they would recommend SouthFace Solar & Electric wholeheartedly and use us for future solar needs.

solar electric photovoltaic installationWhat separates SouthFace Solar & Electric from other solar companies?

  • Personal attention and excellent service
  • Customized solution for your maximum benefit
  • Simplified end-to-end process
  • Aesthetic design to meld with your architecture
  • Independent use of top brands and latest technologies
  • Owner involvement, highly credentialed employees
  • Peace of mind, a  SouthFace Solar cell phone contact
  • Monitoring for the life of the system
  • Industry best workmanship and warranties

How We Help Our Customers Save With Solar 

Not only will choosing the right installation contractor improve your installation experience, it can also save you more money over the life of your system. Given our extensive experience installing solar PV systems throughout Maricopa, Pinal, Gila, and Yavapai Counties, we also know how to leverage the following solar incentive programs to both reduce your total installation costs, and increase the amount you receive from ongoing incentives such as the following:

Our Unique Process

These benefits to choosing SouthFace Solar & Electric all sound great — but how does the process work? 

Here is what you need to know about our solar installation philosophy, and how our process will leave you with a system of solar panels, solar inverters, and even solar batteries, that will provide more renewable energy, for longer.  

More Power to You

The SouthFace Solar & Electric process is one of the most comprehensive and streamlined installation processes in the industry. Your solar PV system will be customized to your budget and needs. We continually improve our products and pricing to give our customers the best equipment available. Importantly, you get the peace of mind of having an expert solar team you can call on. With SouthFace Solar Electric you can go solar “no regrets.”

Free Quote with SouthFace Solar Electric

Home evaluation that’s all about you. 

A SouthFace Solar Electric professional will listen, assess, and answer all of your questions. Heat your pool. Run your entire home. Your needs are our sole focus.  

SouthFace Solar Electric 25 Year Warranty

25 Year solar warranty

Receive a simple, powerful explanation of cash dividends and an estimate of dividends paid over the 25 year warranty once the scope of your project is determined.  SEE VIDEO NOW

Southface Solar & Electric

Stay connected throughout the process

Once our seamless end-to-end process begins, we will maintain constant and clear communication with you, so you can stay in the loop about every step in the process. The SouthFace Solar & Electric team will be by your side while we obtain permits and utility incentives, help you select financing options, and more.

Custom Solar Design

Choose the right equipment for your aesthetic and electricity needs.

SouthFace Solar & Electric’s alliances with multiple manufacturers allow us to offer the most competitive pricing and widest selection of products on the market. Aesthetics are a priority right down to matching paint colors.

SouthFace Solar Electric Team

Get a hand selected installation crew

Know the highly credentialed team doing your install. It is important that you personally know the SouthFace Solar & Electric employees performing work on your home.

Southface Solar & Electric

Need to speak to a manager? You’ll have access to the top!

Personal service starts at the top at SouthFace Solar Electric. Owner Corey Garrison considers himself part of your SouthFace Solar & Electric team. We back up our dedication to your satisfaction by providing a representative you can call anytime.

Southface Solar & Electric

Monitor your solar production and usage, 24/7

Monitoring included. 25 year warranty. Enjoy the benefits of your solar system knowing SouthFace Solar & Electric is making sure performance remains at optimum level.

Power a Brighter Future. Have us Design a System That Leverages Your Service Provider & Your Rooftop!

At SouthFace Solar, we want you to have ALL the facts BEFORE you buy.  The only way to do that is to gather all your location, structural and service history and combine that with your goals. Technology then lets us generate “what if” scenarios with power generation and storage to ensure that you get maximum return on your solar investment.

We will answer all of your questions and talk about all of your concerns. We aspire to be the solar company partner you can’t wait to work with.

Ready to use the Arizona sun to power your Arizona home?

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