Benefits to Owning Your Solar Panels

With one investment in solar, you’ll receive countless dividends for the life of your system.

Learn about the benefits of owning solar in Arizona.

investing in solar to save money

Why Invest in a Solar Energy System?

When you own your SouthFace Solar & Electric system, you’ll receive cash dividends for the life of your system, based on the return on your investment from annual energy savings. On average a solar electric system will provide a ten to fifteen percent annual return. You can use the money saved to fund retirement, college education, vacations, or whatever you like. But that’s just the beginning. You’ll also enjoy:

Financial Benefits of Solar

  • Reduced electricity bills with no price hikes

  • Higher resale value for your home

  • Non-taxable rate of return that increases as the cost of living goes up

  • Guilt-free use of electricity for comfort and convenience

  • No solar lease hassles if you sell your home

  • Contributing to a cleaner, healthier planet

How Solar Ownership Works

Here at SouthFace Solar & Electric, we offer homeowners solar financing options as well as upfront cash solar ownership. Both options provide the benefits of solar ownership listed above. We believe that solar ownership is and should be achievable for every Arizonan homeowner, so we offer two financing options through our solar loan financial partner, Sunlight Financial. 

Plus, the federal solar tax credit allows you to apply 30% of your total solar installation costs to reduce your federal taxes. If your tax liability is less than the value of the tax credit, you can roll over the remainder for another year, meaning you can get a credit of 30% off your upfront investment costs! 

How Long Will Your Solar Investment Last?

When you are considering a large investment like solar, you probably want to know how long you are going to be able to benefit from your new renewable energy system! Solar panels come with an industry standard 25-year warranty, and many last for years longer. With a high return on investment from energy cost savings, this makes solar one of the safest and longest investments you can make. 

First Step To Solar Ownership

What else do you need to consider? How much electricity are you currently using per month and are the benefits of combining solar with a solar battery storage system something you also want to invest in now?  The answer to these questions can vary depending on the design of your system, which is unique to your energy goals and your home. If you are interested in seeing what a system like this would cost for your home and your investment payback period, we run the numbers with you with a free solar consultation!

Find out what your return on investment would be when owning solar. Give SouthFace Solar & Electric a call at 480-636-1800 or get in touch here to get a free solar ownership consultation.