Eco friendly Home Builder Goes All-Out In Boulders

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by Kara G. Morrison - Apr. 20, 2012 The Republic | Edward Fedoruk was green before the eco friendly homes term existed. "A high-school teacher at Saguaro High School got me going on this stuff," says Fedoruk, who grew up near architect Paolo Soleri's Cosanti and remembers trying his hand at organic gardening on the Scottsdale [...]

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Excited Solar Customer Reviews

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We love getting excited solar customer reviews like this! Dave and I would like to thank you and the entire Southface Solar Electric team for the recent work completed at our home.  From the moment we met you at the Arizona Home and Garden Show in 2011, the Southface team has been nothing but professional, [...]

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Solar State of Mind

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When people think of Arizona, they think of sun filled days. They are right.  In fact there are, on average,   300 days of intense sun a year.  They also frequently say comments such as “with all this sunlight everyone should have solar power”. Or “every home especially new ones should use solar”.  And “it [...]

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Tandem Polymer Solar Cells Set Record For Energy-Conversion

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In the effort to convert sunlight into electricity, photovoltaic solar cells that use conductive organic polymers for light absorption and conversion have shown great potential. Organic polymers can be produced in high volumes at low cost, resulting in photovoltaic devices that are cheap, lightweight and flexible. In the last few years, much work has been [...]

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