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Are Solar Batteries Worth the Cost?

Solar batteries are an optional addition to your solar panel system that can help you get more from your investment. Batteries store the excess power your solar panels generate for later use so you can use solar power at any time, even when the sun isn’t shining. 

Solar batteries come with a price tag, which may have you asking whether they’re worth the extra cost. At SouthFace Solar & Electric, our data proves they are. While a battery will add to your initial solar installation costs, it will also help you save more in the long run and provide benefits that you won’t get with solar panels alone. 

Understanding Solar Battery Storage System Costs 

Solar battery prices can vary depending on several factors, including: 

Most grid-tied solar panel systems are paired with lithium-ion batteries like the Tesla Powerwall or Enphase Encharge. These batteries are more expensive than lead-acid batteries (another option for home solar storage) but they have a longer lifespan and greater storage capacity.

No matter what type of solar battery you choose, you can expect it to add to your solar installation costs. But, solar batteries qualify for the federal solar tax credit, which can save you 30% on your solar panel and battery installation costs! 

Benefits of Solar Battery Storage 

While you will pay more for solar panels with battery storage than you would for solar panels alone, you’ll also get more from your investment. 

Emergency Backup Power 

Solar battery storage gives you backup power during a blackout. All grid-tied solar panel systems are automatically turned off during a power outage to prevent them from feeding electricity into the grid while it’s down, which might injure workers or short the solar system. With a battery, however, your solar panels can disconnect from the grid and stay on during an outage. During a nighttime power outage when your solar panels can’t produce electricity, you can use the energy stored in your battery to keep essentials running. 

Avoid Time-of-Use Rates 

With a time-of-use (TOU) rate plan, your electricity rate varies depending on the time of day. On-peak hours—when rates are highest—are in the late afternoon and early evening. Your solar panels don’t generate much electricity during these hours because the sun is setting, which means you have to buy grid power and pay a higher rate. 

With a battery, you can use stored solar energy during on-peak hours instead of relying on the grid. Your inverter can be programmed to automatically use the battery during on-peak hours so you don’t even have to think about it. 

Maximize Solar Power Usage 

Solar batteries allow you to use more of the electricity your solar panels generate. Instead of sending your excess power to the grid for a meager net billing rate, you can store it and use it yourself. The more solar power you use, the less you need to buy from the grid – saving you money. Using more solar power also helps you get away from the grid and increase your energy independence. 

Expert Solar Panel & Battery Installation in Arizona 

Deciding whether solar battery backup costs are worth it will ultimately come down to what matters to you. If energy independence and security are important to you, a backup battery is worth the extra cost. 

The solar experts at SouthFace Solar & Electric can help you learn more about solar battery storage costs and benefits. We are here to bring more power to you with a customized solar solution that meets your needs. If battery storage isn’t right for you, we can help you explore other options, like a battery-ready solar panel system or solar panels with a backup generator.

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