Solar Battery Comparison

SouthFace Solar has 10+ years of experience designing and installing off-grid solar systems, and we’re here to help you enjoy peace of mind and the financial benefits of solar batteries. We have seen interest in whole-home batteries pick up substantially over the last few years, and we get questions all the time about different battery types. Here is a tour of some of our favorite batteries for solar battery installation.

SolarOne Solar Battery

SolarOne makes our favorite Flooded Lead Acid battery.  While interest in Lithium batteries has sky-rocketed lately, FLA batteries remain much cheaper for the same amount of storage. Lead-Acid is time tested for reliability and has great heat-tolerance for AZ’s extreme temperatures.  SolarOne batteries come in sizes from 32kWh all the way up to 95kWh, making it easy to run your whole home on solar with stored solar energy from your battery.

LG Energy RESU Prime Solar Battery

LG Energy (formerly LG Chem) has been selling the RESU battery for several years now. This year, they are launching the upgraded RESU Prime, which works with grid-tie inverters like the SolarEdge StorEdge to provide cost-effective prime time peak shaving along with backup power. 

While not a “whole-home” backup solution, the StoreEdge/RESU Prime can keep your lights, fridge, and other food storage systems running overnight in the event of an outage. Advanced programming gives you the ability to save money on demand plans by shaving your peak demand during high-cost on-peak times.  

Iron Edison RE-Volt Solar Battery

Iron Edison made a name for themselves a long time ago with their Nickle-Iron “forever battery.” Now, they’ve come out with their own lithium battery called RE-Volt that holds up to the Iron Edison name.

Made of Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP), the battery boasts a 20 year life expectancy.  At 5kWh and 10kWh sizes, this battery is mostly for smaller back-up projects.  They come at a great price for a lithium battery, and mount nicely on the wall.  

BlueIon HI Solar Battery

BlueIon was one of the first and best lithium batteries to gain traction for large installations.  They use a high-quality Lithium Iron Phosphate chemical.  Combined with the industry’s best Battery Management Interface (BMI), they offer an industry-leading 15-year warranty and 20 year expected lifespan.

This is a top-quality battery and scales for very large installations. Though they have a higher entry price, the long lifespan more than makes up for it with its low total cost of ownership over time.

Fortress eVault Solar Battery

Fortress makes a Lithium battery designed to scale for large installations similar to the BlueIon.  By offering a 10-year warranty, they can lower the cost of entry substantially — making backing up your large home more affordable.  This is our go-to battery for anyone wanting to back-up their house with Lithium.

Tesla Powerwall Solar Battery

We always hear a lot of interest in the Tesla Powerwall. The Powerwall is a backup battery (not off-grid) which is very similar in price, size, and capability to the LG Energy RESU. Like the LG RESU battery, one or two Powerwalls can keep your lights and fridges running during an outage and reduce your peak demand.

The Powerwall is an AC-coupled battery, which changes how it connects to and interacts with your solar system. We recommend the LG Energy RESU Prime over the Powerwall. 

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