Big Savings With Solar

My husband wanted to install a solar system on our home for quite a while, I agreed with him, but I was very unsure of the initial cost, how the misc. rebates worked and the system itself and of getting a quality job performed.

We had the opportunity to work with Southface Solar on a customer’s job, in which Southface Solar presented an informative bid outlining the cost and each rebate (electric company and federal and state taxes) and was awarded the job. After working with Southface Solar on this install we had them look at our home. They took into account our electric bills for the previous year as well as our appliance totals to construct an optimum system for us. Then they met with us and went over their bid, panel size, panel layout, warranty, their forecasted electric bills with the system in detail, answering all our questions.

We were initially worried that the panels would be an eyesore on our roof, especially since the best location (for the solar panels) was very visible from our driveway. As it turned out we don’t even notice them and most of our friends and family have not noticed them as of yet.

After much discussion and doing a loan analysis on the computer, in which we figured out that with the added amount of the solar system added to our mortgage we would still be saving an additional $200.00 a month we decided to go ahead and have Southface Solar install the system on our home. We used our home equity line to purchase the solar system. We refinanced our home to include this equity line taking advantage of the low interest rates being offered at this time as well.

Southface Solar presented and installed a solar system on our home exactly as planned. They listened and worked with us to install the panels on our standing seam metal roof without any holes in the roof material. The cost and the rebates from the electric company, state and federal taxes were exactly what they outlined in their bid and discussed with us.

After the panels were installed, they came and installed the Enphase system that links the panels and informs us of each of the panel output and total system output as well as the history and condition of our panels.

It is also important to work with your electric company to obtain the correct electric plan for your home once the panels are installed and up and running. Southface Solar has been a big help in meeting with us after the install to go over our electric bills to help us understand our usage so that we could get the correct plan with our electric company for the largest savings to us. They continue to be available to us as questions arise.

We have been very happy with our choice to add a solar system to our home and also with our choice to work with Southface Solar.

We would like to recommend Southface Solar to anyone interested in a solar system.

Rusty & Cindy Metcalfe