Producing Solar Power & Happy Customers

In January 2012 I met Ken Choate, sales rep for SSE, as one of five solar companies I contacted for a bid to purchase a photovoltaoc solar system. Since I had researched such a system, Ken was the only sales rep of the five who responded to my many questions as I expected based on my knowledge of solar.

As it turned out, SSE had the best overall pricing and worked with us on the utility incentive, so we signed a contact with them. The panels ordered were the LG Mono X, a 7800 KW system that was new on the market. As a result, there was a wait until the panels were made available and installed in June.

Comments from the Maricopa County Inspection Services Division and the ASP Interconnection Inspectors were complementary on the workmanship, appearance and overall professionalism of the installation by SSE. Even the conduit was painted to match our house.

Our thanks to Corey Garrison and Bob Irwin, of SSE, for their attention to our timetable and followup in the installation process. Their customer service as a company was outstanding!

The system went online July 10, 2012. It has been producing  power from that day with great success. It’s fun to watch the meter run backwards putting power back into the grid on most sunny days.

Satisfied customers:

Donna and Dean Braatz
Sun City West, AZ