Off-Grid Solar Systems For Grid-Tied Houses

Off-grid solar panels on metal and flat roof in the city with SRP

More and more of our customers are wanting energy self-reliance. We are being asked to design solar systems that give clients energy independence.  Yes, you can cut your electric line and go off-grid even if you live in the city.  Even better, we can build an off-grid capable solar system and leave the grid attached!

We call this type of solar system “Grid Interactive”

Keep your utility bills low year-round

There are several big advantages of a Grid-Interactive system.  Since you are producing your own power, your bills will be very low all year. Since you have your own power plant, you will have complete independence.  When the grid is available, you can always use cheap off-peak power instead of running your batteries down to improve the longevity of your batteries and keep your costs low. SouthFace Solar can design grid-interactive solar systems for almost every house serviced by an electric company in Arizona.

In this case, we utilized Outback equipment and a flooded lead-acid battery.  We took advantage of the fact that lead-acid is the most heat-tolerant solar battery.  Since lead-acid is also the most affordable, we were able to give the customer a large amount of storage.  We simplified the maintenance of the system by programming the Mate3s and including a battery water delivery system. We were able to tuck all the main components away in a nook of the garage, so it is out of the way and safe from the elements.  This client will have electric bills around $50 every month all year long, even with substantial power usage during the summer.  If the grid goes down, they won’t even notice!

2x Outback Radians in Master-slave for grid-tied or off-grid
Outback Radian 8k with Mate3s and FM80 off-grid system and grid-tied home
Lead-acid battery from SolarOne with water delivery system

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