Off-Grid Solar Cabin Upgrade

Off-grid Outback FP1 inverter, FM80 charge controller, and Mate3s control panel

This Outback FP1 inverter is powerful and reliable. The Mate3s allows the system to be programmed and monitored from anywhere.

We look at every solar system that we build as a long term relationship. 

Off-grid Power Systems last 10-25 years and beyond, and we want to be there with you to take care of it along the way. One of the reasons that we go the extra distance upfront to build reliable systems that are easy to maintain is that we hope to stay with you to maintain it.  From maintenance to upgrades, we want our products to continue to meet your needs, even as those needs change.

Off Grid Solar Cabin: Generators And Batteries

Off-grid Roof mounted solar panels on the utility shed

These panels were roof-mounted on the utility shed to get a clear view of the southern sky

One of our long-time off-grid solar customers was tired of guessing what his solar system was doing at his cabin hideout in the woods while he was in town on business.  We upgraded his old Trace inverter to a new Outback FP1 and hooked it in to Outback’s OpticsRE platform.  Now, he can monitor his system anytime from anywhere and know that it will be ready to go when he gets there.  While we were there, we serviced his old work-horse generator and installed a relay so that the inverter can automatically start the generator if the batteries need a boost.  The new system looks slick and is running smooth. The Outback inverter has more features to help keep his batteries healthy long-term, and the Optics platform gives both him and us the visibility to know when his batteries may have reached the end of their life so we can plan for replacement.  We can change things like the Low Battery Cut-off voltage or start an equalizing charge on the fly.

We love this location outside of Prescott, Arizona and we’re happy to be the energy partner taking care of it.  Off-grid systems are always taking us to interesting places to do fun jobs. Another happy customer!

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