Solar Installation in Phoenix, AZ

SouthFace Solar & Electric is a full-service solar company in Arizona serving the solar and energy needs of greater Phoenix and Maricopa County.

Phoenix Solar

With the scenic Phoenix Mountains as the backdrop for your home here in Maricopa County, you need only wait until the sun is about to set to remember why Phoenix is such a special place to live, and why Phoenix is one of the fastest-growing areas in the country.

However, many homeowners are getting hip to another benefit to living in Arizona—the abundant sunshine!

Residential Solar Panel Installation in The Valley of the Sun

Aptly called the Valley of the Sun, Phoenix sees nearly 300 days of abundant sunshine each year. All of this sunshine can be put to use powering your home with renewable energy. This means a home with a properly designed and installed system of solar panels will receive free electricity for decades to come!

The cost of solar panels has dropped 45% in the last five years, and due to improvements in solar photovoltaic efficiency, it is now much more affordable to install the number of solar panels required to cover all of a home’s energy needs. Plus, there are multiple solar incentives available that can further reduce the cost of solar panel installation, like:

*AZ state solar tax credit expired at the beginning of 2021. SouthFace Solar & Electric is continuing to monitor for policy updates for the tax credit to be reinstated or extended. 

The Name Phoenix Trusts for Commercial Solar Installation

Homes aren’t the only buildings that can benefit from a renewable energy infrastructure upgrade like solar installation—installing solar panels at your Arizona business provides many benefits. With solar panels, business owners of nearly any industry can: 

  • Reduce monthly utility costs
  • Increase resale value of commercial property
  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • Demonstrate commitment to the environment

Backup Power & Demand Response Reduction Options

Solar panels can go a long way in reducing your energy costs for the 25+ years that your system will convert sunlight into electricity. But if you want to maximize the power of solar energy while also keeping your lights on during a blackout or brownout here in Phoenix or avoid peak demand charges from your utility, SouthFace Solar offers backup power solutions, based on your unique needs.

Solar Battery Storage

Solar battery storage is exactly what it sounds like—a single or series of batteries that save your solar energy so that it can be dispersed exactly when you need it, not just when the sun is out. This accomplishes many things for your Phoenix home or business, like:

  • Huge savings from reduced peak energy usage 
  • Resilience from unexpected power outages
  • Reduce demand on the struggling Phoenix electrical grid
  • Reduced 

With the help of smart energy management and monitoring, SouthFace Solar can help you optimize your solar PV system and further reduce the payback period for your solar ownership. This means you can start profiting from your solar panels sooner!

Backup Generators

For those looking to keep their backup power separate from their solar energy, we also offer whole-home backup generator installation to protect you from an outage and keep your lights on when the power grid goes down. 

At SouthFace Solar, we install Kohler and Generac standby generators from 6-20 kW which are designed to be permanently installed to power your whole house.

Benefits of whole-home generators:

  • On-demand backup power
  • Lower installation costs compared to other backup options
  • Can utilize an existing gas line
  • Can be added to a home with or without solar

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What our Phoenix Customers Have to Say:

“Most professional and 5 of 5 ratings overall.  I would recommend SouthFace Solar for the complete Project and they are my standard for design and installation.”

– Dr. Ronald M., Phoenix, AZ

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