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3 Reasons Why You Should Get a Battery with Your Solar System

The technology behind solar energy storage has advanced in recent years, and there are more solar battery options available than ever before. As a result, more and more homeowners are installing solar panels with battery storage. 

Adding solar battery storage to your home solar installation will increase your initial costs, but in most cases, the benefits are worth the added cost. Here are three reasons why it makes sense to include a battery in your home solar installation.

1. Blackout Protection

One of the most common myths about residential solar panels is that they provide backup power for your home. Solar panels are connected to the electric grid (unless you have an off-grid system). When the grid goes down, all grid-tied solar panels are automatically shut down, too. The only way to keep your grid-tied solar panels online during a power outage is to install solar battery storage. 

If you have solar panels and batteries for your home, your solar system can switch into island mode during a grid outage and operate independently while the grid is down. You’ll be able to continue generating, using, and storing solar power for the duration of the outage. 

Pair Generators & Batteries for Whole-Home Backup 

The amount of backup power a solar battery can provide depends on how many batteries you install. In most cases, you’ll be able to run essentials like your lights and keep phones charged for a few hours with one fully charged solar battery. For whole-home backup, we typically recommend installing at least one battery so your panels can stay on during an outage and a whole-home generator. The generator will give you added power and security during long-term blackouts, especially if you want to keep major loads—like your air conditioning—running.

2. Fight Time-of-Use Rates

If you’re on a time-of-use (TOU) or demand plan with APS or SRP, you know electricity rates vary depending on the time of day. During on-peak hours, grid electricity is more expensive than it is during off-peak hours because more people are using power at that time. APS on-peak hours are on weekdays from 4 pm to 7 pm, which is not an ideal time for solar power generation. Unfortunately, this is also a time when you are very likely to need electricity while you’re making dinner, running the dishwasher, and of course, running your AC to stave off the afternoon heat. 

With solar battery storage, you can store the excess power your solar panels generate in the late morning and early afternoon when the sun is strongest. When TOU hours arrive, you can use the stored power from your battery instead of buying electricity from the grid.

3. Solar Battery Tax Credit

Solar battery storage is eligible for the 30% federal solar tax credit, making solar panel installation with batteries more affordable than ever. The solar tax credit reduces your federal income tax liability by 30% of your solar panel and battery installation costs, resulting in major tax savings. 

Thanks to new provisions implemented by the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, solar batteries are eligible for the tax credit even if they are not charged exclusively by solar energy. This means you can use the grid to charge your battery during off-peak hours, storing cheaper grid energy for later use. You can also charge your battery from the grid if severe weather is predicted, ensuring a full charge should the grid go down.

Professional Solar Battery Installation in Arizona

Solar batteries are worth it for your home. You’ll get more out of your investment in solar by installing solar panels and battery storage than you will from solar panels alone (although both options offer excellent benefits, and we will help you make the best choice for your home). 

SouthFace Solar & Electric is the leading solar panel and battery installer in Arizona. We design custom solar power systems with the ultimate goal of bringing more power to you. Our unique process starts with a free home evaluation that’s all about you and your needs. We’ll listen, assess, and answer all of your questions so you can decide whether solar panels and battery storage are right for you.

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