front view of photovoltaic panel and battery installation leaning on the beige white wall

Should You Install a Solar Battery Now or Add One Later?

Solar plus battery systems are significantly more beneficial than solar panels alone. Solar batteries allow you to use more of the solar electricity your panels produce, maximizing your savings. 

You can install solar panels now and add battery storage later, but it’s better to install them at the same time.

It’s Easier to Install Solar Panels & Batteries Together 

You can add solar batteries to your existing system, but it’s not as simple as just attaching a battery. To add batteries to your existing solar energy system, you may need to reconfigure the system and upgrade the inverter. This can add to your costs and make it more expensive to add a solar battery later than it would have been to install residential solar panels and battery storage at the same time. 

If you know you want to wait to install a battery, we can install a battery-ready system that’s set up for a battery add-on, but we recommend installing your panels and battery together whenever possible. 

You Miss Out on Solar Battery Benefits the Longer You Wait 

Adding a solar battery is worth it and will help you get the most out of your investment in a solar energy system. Waiting to install a battery means missing out on key solar benefits, such as: 

Electric Bill Savings 

Solar batteries allow you to store the excess power your solar panels produce during the day. You can then draw power from your battery bank whenever you need it. At night, for example, when your solar panels are not producing electricity, you can use your stored power instead of buying electricity from the grid. 

Blackout Protection 

Resiliency is a key benefit of solar battery storage. During a power outage, all grid-tied solar panels are automatically shut down to protect utility workers from unexpected power surges coming from your PV system. If you have a solar battery, your system can disconnect from the grid and operate independently until the power is back on. This allows you to keep your solar panels running so you can keep your lights on and charge your batteries during a blackout. 

Grid Independence 

Unless you install an off-grid solar system, you will still need to use power from the grid when you go solar. Battery storage, however, significantly reduces the amount of grid power you consume. This increases your energy independence and protects you from rising electricity rates. 

Tax Breaks 

Solar batteries qualify for the 30% federal solar tax credit! When you install solar panels and batteries together, you can make the most of this incentive and save on your solar installation costs. 

SouthFace Solar & Electric Is Arizona’s Solar Panel & Battery Expert 

Looking for the best solar plus battery system for your home? SouthFace Solar & Electric can design a custom system to meet your needs. We are the leading residential solar installer in Arizona offering top-quality solar products that bring more power to you. Our team can help you decide whether you should install a solar battery now or later based on your unique situation and set you up for decades of solar savings.

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