solar panels installed on the a roof of tiles of a residential homeDo Solar Panels Store Energy? 

Solar energy is one of the most promising renewable energy sources we have available and our best path toward a clean energy future. But solar panels have one major problem—they can’t store energy. 

So what happens at night or on a cloudy day when the sun isn’t shining? Is there a way to store the energy your system produces for later use?

The answer is solar battery storage. Solar batteries are a fairly recent development that allow you to easily store the excess energy your solar panels generate during the day. They’re also eligible for the 30% federal solar tax credit, making now the perfect time to invest in a solar battery system for your home. 

How Solar Battery Storage Works 

A solar battery is a storage device that can be integrated into a solar panel system. They work by storing the excess electricity your solar panels generate for later use. During the day, when there is plenty of sunlight available, the power your solar panels generate will be used to run your appliances and electronics. Any leftover electricity will be used to charge your solar battery. Then, when your solar panels are not producing electricity, at night or on a cloudy day, you can use your stored energy instead of buying power from the electric grid. 

Why Solar Energy Storage Is Important 

You don’t need to install battery backup, but solar batteries give you access to many additional benefits that you won’t get with solar panels alone. 

  • Avoid On-Peak Rates – Some of the biggest electricity providers in Arizona utilize TOU (time-of-use) rate plans, including APS. If you’re on a TOU rate plan, your electricity rates are highest during peak demand periods, which are typically in the evening, when the sun is on its way down. Unfortunately, this is also when your solar panels stop producing power for the day. If you install a solar battery, you can use stored energy during peak demand periods to avoid buying grid power when rates are highest. 
  • Cut Fossil Fuel Use – The more solar energy you use, the less you rely on dirty fossil fuels for your power. Installing solar panels with battery storage is the best way to reduce your carbon emissions and contribute to the clean energy transition. 
  • Increase Energy Independence – A solar panel and battery system can be thought of as a hybrid off-grid system. While you’re still connected to the main electric grid, you will use significantly less power from it since you can produce and store so much energy yourself. This reduces your reliance on your electricity provider and makes you more secure in the face of grid instability and fuel shortages. Solar plus battery systems can also be designed as off-grid systems that are not connected to the main electric grid. If you want to go off-grid with solar, a battery system is essential. 
  • Get Backup Power During an Outage – Solar batteries can be used for backup power during a grid outage. If you don’t have a solar battery, your grid-tied solar panels will automatically shut down during a power outage as a safety precaution. With solar battery storage, however, your solar panel system can temporarily disconnect from the grid, allowing you to maintain power during a blackout. 

Types of Solar Batteries 

There are several types of solar batteries that can be used to store solar energy, including: 

Type of Solar Battery 


Product Options 

Lead acid  A popular option for off-grid solar systems. Lead acid batteries are a time-tested, dependable option for energy storage. 
  • OutBack Power EnergyCell 
Lithium-ion The most popular battery for grid-tied, residential solar panels. Lithium-ion batteries are long-lasting and have a high depth of discharge, which means more of the energy they store can be used. 
  • FranklinWH 
  • Enphase IQ Battery 
  • Fortress Batteries 
Flow  Flow batteries are designed for large-scale energy storage and typically better suited to commercial solar projects than residential systems. 
  • Redflow ZBM3 
  • Primus Power EnergyPod 2 

Solar Panel & Battery Storage Installers in Arizona 

As severe weather events become more frequent and the electric grid ages into disrepair, having ownership over your power has never been more important. Thanks to solar energy storage, it’s also never been easier. With a solar panel and battery backup system, you can be in full control of your home’s power, ensuring reliable access 24/7, 365. 

SouthFace Solar & Electric can help you find the right storage solution for your home. We design custom, residential solar plus storage solutions that are optimized for your specific goals, whether you want to avoid blackouts, save on TOU charges, or take your house entirely off the grid.

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