Side-by-side comparison of ground-mount solar, solar carports, and solar patio coversThe Best Alternatives to Rooftop Solar Panels

Electricity costs are rising, the electric grid is failing, and you know home solar panels are the answer. You want to install them, but you have one major problem—you don’t like how solar panels look on a roof. 

Luckily, solar panels don’t have to be on your roof! SouthFace Solar & Electric specializes in custom solar power systems and can find a solution that meets your electricity needs and aesthetic preferences. 

Where to Put Solar Panels Besides Your Roof 

Ground-Mounted Solar Panels 

Ground-mounted solar panels can be installed almost anywhere on your property, as long as you have enough space and unobstructed sunlight access. Ground mounts and pole mounts open up your options so you can put solar panels in your yard or elsewhere on your property. 

Solar Carports 

A solar carport creates a shady place to park your car and turns the sunlight it blocks into power for your home. A solar carport is also the perfect place to install your EV charging station. 

Solar Patio Covers & Pergolas 

A solar canopy, which can take the form of a solar pergola or solar patio cover, is an aesthetic and functional addition to your outdoor living space. These structures create shade for an outdoor seating area, an outdoor kitchen, or a play area for your kids while simultaneously generating electricity for your home. 

Freestanding Garages & Sheds 

If you have a shed, a garage, or another freestanding structure on your property, you may be able to equip it with solar panels. A shed or garage can also be a great place to install extra solar panels if you need more than can fit on your home’s roof.  

Where Is the Best Place to Put Solar Panels? 

Many homeowners choose to install rooftop solar panels because they are generally the easiest to install and the most affordable option. But rooftop solar panels are not ideal in every situation. If your roof is not suitable for solar due to heavy shading, orientation, or structural concerns, or if you don’t like the way rooftop solar panels look, you have plenty of alternatives to choose from. 

Each option has its own set of considerations regarding installation costs, efficiency, and suitability for your specific location and energy needs. Ground mounts, for example, require sufficient land and may require additional permits or environmental assessments. Solar pergolas and patio covers have multifunctional benefits but can be expensive to design and install. 

It ultimately depends on your specific electricity needs, aesthetic preferences, and budget.  

Custom Solar Panel Design & Installation in Arizona 

No matter what your solar dreams may be, SouthFace Solar & Electric can bring them to life. We are the leading solar panel installer in Arizona and we specialize in unique and custom solar solutions. Our team has over 35 years of combined experience designing and installing solar energy systems and develops creative solutions for the most challenging solar projects. Whether you know exactly what you’re looking for or need help selecting the best place to install solar panels on your property, give us a call. We serve the state of Arizona!

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