Earn Up to $3,750 in Solar Battery Incentives with the New APS Residential Battery Pilot

This battery incentive program is open to residential solar battery users in the APS service territory.  In exchange for signing up, APS is offering up to $3,750 per participant. Through the program, APS hopes to learn more about solar batteries and their impact on the grid. 

APS would like to learn: 

  • How solar batteries can reduce stress on the electric grid? 
  • How solar batteries perform in a variety of conditions? 
  • Can solar batteries improve the management of the grid and provide value to homeowners?
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What batteries are eligible?

There Are Two Ways to Participate in the APS Battery Pilot

APS offers two options to residential solar battery backup users who participate in the Pilot.

Option One: Data Only

By signing up for the Data Only option, you agree to share your solar battery system’s performance data with APS. In return, you’ll be eligible to receive an incentive of $500 per installed kW of battery capacity. There is a maximum incentive of $2,500 per home. 

Option Two: Data and Battery Management

Data and Battery Management offers a larger incentive for solar batteries in Arizona. With this option, you agree to share your solar battery system’s performance data with APS. You also agree to allow APS to utilize 80% of your battery system’s capacity for a maximum of 100 events per year. 

Homeowners who sign up for the Data and Battery Management option are eligible for an incentive of $500 per installed kW of battery capacity. (With a maximum incentive of $2,500 per home) plus an additional incentive of $1,250. There is a total maximum incentive of $3,750 per home.

How Will You Receive Your APS Battery Incentive?

Once your battery system is approved for interconnection by APS and receives Permission to Operate, you will receive a one-time, upfront payment.

You will receive your payment directly from APS unless you choose to assign your incentive to an approved third party. If you assign your incentive to an approved third party, the third party must provide documentation demonstrating that they have compensated you (the utility customer) for the full amount of the incentive. Once this documentation has been submitted and approved, the incentive will be paid.

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Who Is Eligible for the ASP Residential Battery Pilot?

Residential utility customers in ASP territory who install solar battery systems are eligible to participate in the incentive program. To qualify:

  • You must enroll in a TOU (time-of-use) or TOU-plus-demand service plan, or be grandfathered into a service plan with a solar rate rider. 
  • Your solar battery must be an eligible model, and the design must allow for battery production to be measured independently. 

To participate in the program, you’ll need to agree to the Pilot Terms and Conditions, submit a pilot enrollment form, and submit an Interconnection Application on or after 10/4/2021. The Interconnection Application can only be submitted by a licensed and approved solar battery installer, like SouthFace Solar & Electric. 

SouthFace Solar & Electric Can Help You Enroll in the APS Residential Battery Pilot!

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We are a licensed solar battery installer in Arizona, which means we can register your battery with APS and submit an Interconnection Application to enroll you in the APS Residential Battery Pilot. If you don’t have a solar battery yet but you’re interested in the program, we can install a qualifying system at your home. All of the solar energy systems we install are custom designed to meet your energy production needs, and we make it easy to switch to solar.  

Enroll in the APS Residential Solar Battery Pilot today and earn up to $3,750 in incentives. Call SouthFace Solar & Electric at 480-405-6105 or get in touch here. You can also fill out the form to have us contact you.